Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Falcon Football

After having so much of my life (literally) revolve around BYU football for so long, it's kind of crazy to switch gears and have entire weekends devoted to Air Force football... but that's how it goes these days! I flew in early last weekend so I could watch Matt coach the JV game on Friday...and get pictures of him doing his very favorite coaching activity: blowing the whistle.

It was their most intense game of the season and they won 23-20! (In case you were keeping track, that means Air Force JV went undefeated this year.)

Most of Matt's receivers:

And Matt's fiancee :-)

Saturday was a night (read: FREEZING) game against CSU. The Falcons had an awesome 2nd half and won by 21... which happens to be about as many degrees it was by the end of the game (hence why I'm wearing all of Matt's clothes over mine in the post-game picture, of course).

After the game, I got to dress up like a girl again and go out to dinner with Matt. We always end up going to the same places over and over, so we decided to branch out a little and tried a new (for us) place downtown called the Metropolitan. It's mostly a cocktail lounge with a cool NYC-type atmosphere. We liked it.

We mostly just liked being together after being apart for so long.

Now we're gearing up for the big weekend--BYU @ Air Force this Saturday. Oh boy.


brandon said...

Tough call on who to cheer for, but I am betting you go for Falcon Football all the way baby!!

brandon said...

So that was Sharla, not Brandon, what has my 14 year old done to my computer!!!!

Angie said...

who are you going to cheer for?! this is a moral dilemma. ;)

Nate and Nicole said...

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Seven Grafs said...

Are you going to be diplomatic and not say who you want to win? Though I'm sure if Matt were playing you would want Air Force to be victorious!

Mills Family said...

Ash, it is so fun to see all of your pics! You are a busy football fan!!!

Ryan and Donna said...

BIG WEEKEND! I am a little worried about the game as I think it will be a close one. Lucky for you Ash, you will be happy with whoever wins! Just don't let Matt catch you cheering for BYU when Collie and Unga score their Touchdowns. GO COUGS!