Monday, January 19, 2009

Ride 'em, Cowboy!

Welcome to Fort Worth, Texas!

I flew in late Monday night and stayed with an awesome family in nearby Coppell. They took me shopping in Dallas while the team practiced on Tuesday morning, and then that afternoon Matt and I hit up the Fort Worth Stockyards.

One of the first things we saw was a mechanical bull that you could pay to ride. Maybe I'm easily entertained, but that seemed like the best thing you could ever do while visiting Texas. We were so excited! I decided it wouldn't be the same without a cowboy hat, though, so we went hunting for a semi-affordable one first (those things can be expensive!). We finally found one that was alright for about $15 and were at the register to buy it when I saw a sign that said "Damaged hats: $3.99" with this good looking black hat above it. Not bad, eh?

Matt took the first turn on the bull and put the hat to good use.

Someone was definitely going for style points:

Matt stayed on for awhile and was pretty darn proud of himself when he finally let go :-)

And rightfully so! I quickly found out that it's not half as easy as he made it look--I almost had to do the splits just to climb on.

But then I hung on tight and enjoyed the ride (and the padded landing)!

Turns out this cowboy business is pretty fun stuff.


Saduq and Serena said...

LOVE that picture of you two!!!

Jaleah said...

Gosh dang you guys are so cute!

Following Him said...

I agree with Jaleah...ya'll are so gosh darn cute! Love you guys and glad you had fun!!

Tobi said...

Now you just need to move to Texas permanently and your conversion will be complete!

Love all the pictures and I'm so glad you found someone to stay with in Texas.

anoyce said...

You guys are too adorable!

Sharla said...

Oh my goodness, you two really know how to cowboy up! I guess it is time to take Matt down on the Ranch to wrangle some cows! Cute shots and great price on that goodlookin hat. What a steal!

Lacey and Tyler said...

I would have to agree with everyone! THat is one of the cutest pictures of you guys!!!

Jodie said...

We've totally been there and I'm pretty sure have a similar picture riding the bull! Cute pics. See you next week!