Sunday, March 15, 2009

Le Fantome de l'Opera

Once upon a time, I read The Phantom of the Opera in French (you know, back when I could speak a bit more French than just "quelle heure est il?")... and ever since, I've been dying to see the Broadway version. After all, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom is a classic. So when we found out the national tour of Phantom was coming to Denver, we jumped on it! We got the tickets last fall in lieu of Valentines' gifts for each other and had a wonderful time at the show last weekend.

It was AMAZING. Mesmerizing. The part of the Phantom was played by John Cudia, who just finished playing the actual Phantom on Broadway for a few years. Let me tell you, he is impressive.

We originally bought our tickets with the Hendrickses, but Steve's brother came into town that weekend so we ended up going with Mikey Bear and Jaleah, one of my best friends who flew to CO with me this time around:

It was such a perfect night! I'm so lucky I got a fiance who appreciates these kinds of things. Other snippets from the weekend: We spent Friday night at the Pann's with Mike & J, Chase & Haley, and GP.

Matt and I had a friendly little game of pool, in which I blew a 4-ball lead because I couldn't get the 8-ball in. Typical.

And since Matt didn't have a track meet on Saturday (they had a break before outdoor starts next weekend), we had time to go to a ballroom dance class that morning to learn the basics of the Waltz. He is such a good sport.


The Graf Family said...

That sounds like a blast! You even got Matt to go to a dance! You guys are too cute together. Only a few weeks to go now :) P. S. This is Alisha...Nate just wanted to clarify who was typing. He said it sounded too girly. :)

Angie said...

i wish Klane would take a dance class with me! that would be so fun!

Mills Family said...

Oh, i am with angie..who wish our guys would take a dance class with us. what fun! Oh, I've always wanted to go see phantom!!!!

Lacey and Tyler said...

Hey, I recognize that shirt!

Sharla said...

We will plan on some expert dancing at the reception! Love the Phantom. Such great themes and messages!