Monday, May 11, 2009

Did I mention he's fast?

A couple weekends ago... We were in sunny California, watching Matt race against collegiate and elite (Olympic development) athletes at the Beach Invitational. It was definitely more fun to watch the races with a parter in crime than all alone.
Because, seriously, who can get away with signs like this all by themselves?

One of the elite athletes said he'd kill his girlfriend if she ever showed up with a sign like that. Good thing Matt loves me. Besides, I think it helped! Matt had a few solid races, including a PR in the 100-meter dash. He ran a 10.7 against the wind! They'd just had a false start called back after 4 seconds with little recovery time, so Matt started a bit slower than he would've liked. But watch him catch up to take second in his heat! (He took 8th overall out of 80-something elites, D1's, etc.) The guy in the yellow who wins it is an Olympian who ran for Great Britain in Beijing.

Doesn't it seem like that video is in fast forward?? Yeah, it's not.

After about an hour, Matt ran the 200M, followed by the 4x400M relay an hour after that. He ran the third leg this time around and Air Force was behind when he got the baton... but they didn't stay behind for long :-)

Such a beautiful day for a track meet.

Two weeks later and 50 degrees colder, Matt was at it again at Colorado University in Boulder.
This time, when everyone was running slower because of the pouring rain, Matt managed to PR in the 200-meter dash.
I swear that boy still has more speed in him.

Then, after successfully completing our 6+ hour transformation into wet dogs, we cleaned up and celebrated
with buffalo burgers at our beloved Ted's Montana Grill at Briargate.

We're headed to Laramie this week for the MWC Track Championships. Go Falcons!


Lacey and Tyler said...

You're such a supportive sport fiance(soon to be wife)! I need to learn from you!

Sharla said...

Your life seems like one big travel vacation!! I get to a point I just need my own bed and a simple meal. How do you do the road thing with such beauty and class? You always look as fresh as a daisy. Maybe it is because you are young and I am pushing 50! Glad you are enjoying these last fews weeks of Matt's College career. He is doing amazing!!