Friday, September 19, 2008

My life is like an episode of The Office.

Every rose has its thorn, right? Now that you all know I don't hate my job (I work as a marketing communications specialist and actually like it a lot), let me tell you about a big, fat thorn in my side right now:
My working conditions.
Picture, for a moment, Michael Scott & Co. getting kicked out of their office and moving in with Darryl at the warehouse. For three months. Someone please send in this storyline because you can't make this stuff up.

Here's the short version: My company decided to move to a brand new building right by my exit in Pleasant Grove when its completed in October. Heavenly. Not so heavenly? The fact that our old building in the Riverwoods threw a fit about us not renewing our lease and kicked us out. And what happens when a company becomes temporarily homeless? Why, they move into their warehouse in Spanish Fork, of course. Amuse me for a moment and take a little tour!

THAT would be the outside of our warehouse/manufacturing facility, right next to my parking spot. THIS would be the sound that it makes:

I only wish I could record the smell. Feel free to conjure up burnt rubber mixed with rotten fish and take a whiff. Anyway, so the sound is slightly obnoxious when I'm trying to talk to my fiance who lives one thousand miles away on my lunch break. Naturally, I try to walk away from the noise by going around to the back of the building, where I'm greeted by this:

This may come as a surprise, but those semi trucks aren't exactly quiet, either.

Thank goodness for our quiet next-door neighbors:

Too bad their fields attract every wasp in the Northern Hemisphere. My solution? I tend to walk along the cracks in the middle of the road for the duration of our phone calls (Good thing we're in the middle of nowhere).

Now, you may ask, why don't I just stay inside? May I present to you the mental asylum hallway, lovingly named for its appearance... and the fact that there were two scientists in white lab coats at the other end on Day 1.

Not convinced about its psych ward charm? Check out what's inside the doorways on the left:

At the end of the hallway & around the corner is a storage room that we, the marketing department, have adopted as our own (the track lighting & hanging cords are my favorite. Then again, when the room gets FULL of boxes, that's pretty fun, too).

We even got to choose our table buddies! (Anyone else flash back to 5th grade for about two seconds?) Luckily for me, I love my table buddy. See, Lacey and I even look happy in our corner:

For now, the wedding countdown has been put on the shelf and replaced by the countdown to the move-in date for the new building (which was just postponed thanks to a flood).
I may or may not have already made a paper chain.


Mills Family said...

oh funny!!!!! that post was the highlight of my day today! I LOVED it!! sorry that your crazy office life provides soooo much enjoyment to me Ash! Anyway, too much fun! love it! Lis

Anonymous said...
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Angie said...

hahahahaha that is amazing. i love your posts. they often make me laugh. ok on the cousin date when you described to me the mental hospital look of the building i had no idea it was so TRUE!! That is incredible. I am laughing, those pictures are great.

Hey, at least they sent you on vacation!

Ryan and Donna said...

Ashley, you are hilarious! I love your posts! I especially liked the special touch of inserting the "Sound" of the warehouse! And the pictures of the Insane Asylum Hallways where you work....too funny!

Lacey Olsen said...

Ash, you make it sound so bad, this time there was like the best three months out of the whole 5 years of my time with Synergy... Okay totally just kidding.

It's interesting how its funny to everyone else, it is like a bad night mare to me. Hehe.

Love the post, actually going to put a link to it on my blog.