Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Big 2-5!

Happy birthday to my dashingly handsome fiance!

As I'm sure you all know, the 25th birthday is a big deal because 25-year-olds can rent a car from anyone, anywhere. Such a momumental birthday requires an extra-long celebration, of course, so we kicked it off by letting Matt come to a Girl's Night on Thursday.

Just kidding. Kind of. See, I happened to be on the exact same flight as Jodie's sister, Becky, so Matt & Jodie picked us up together and we headed to Cheesecake Factory... which happens to be in a great mall... where Patsy happened to be running errands... so we happened to do what girls do best: shop. I helped Matt feel included by letting him pick out a shirt for me to wear for his actual birthday. I think he did well! Oh, and Cheesecake Factory was delicious as usual.

On Friday, Air Force's JV team beat the #7 JC team in the country 38-36! Matt's parents, brother & sister-in-law came into town for the Utah game and got to see Matt coach as well.

We went out to Ted's for a little post-game meal. If you don't remember my previous tribute, Ted's holds a special place in my heart thanks to their juicy buffalo burgers... even though mine looks like it's sticking its tongue out for the picture? Maybe I should lay off on the ketchup.

Since Matt's family was leaving shortly after the Utah game on his real birthday, we decided to have a little birthday party with them and some of Matt's best friends Friday night.

Matt's parents basically made his year by giving him the Garmin he's been obsessing over since he was in the womb. (Not that Matt really needs it, since he only ever drives to the airport or Anthony's, but that's beside the point.)

The highlight of the night, however, was the PINATA! These boys had fun trying to hit the ref...

...although Matt & Chase were mildly upset that Anthony broke it open and not them.

I guess beating up a referee the night before a big game is bad karma. The Falcons led Utah for most of the game but lost it in the final minute. Shoot, huh? Good thing we took our picture before the game.

(Also a good thing my Cougars continue to win in rather convincing fashion!)

If not for Texas Roadhouse's pork dinner, I don't know if Matt ever could been consoled.
Matt's family flew home after dinner, so it was just the two of us that night. We began our laid-back birthday date with free ice cream at Cold Stone (you have to love those birthday clubs)...

...and then went back to Anthony's to watch a movie, open presents from me & my fam, and just enjoy our alone time together. Being in a long distance relationship, we never get enough of that.


Stacie said...

LOL @ your hamburger..thats pretty funny. I love Texas Roadhouse and Cheesecake Factory. Yay that Matt got a Garmin - I love mine!

Mills Family said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!! 25 is a good age to be! That is exactly 10 years younger than both Jay and I so he's still a baby! You guys had a great time! We loved all the pics! Love Lis

Tara and Andrew said...

Happy B-day Matt! The big 2-5, huh? You are so old!:) I'm right behind ya unfortunately. I love looking at your blog, Ashley. Hopefully someday we can live close to each other so we can all hang out. Andrew is obsessed with golf and his he and Matt will be the best of friends!:) Where are you planning to live after you get married? Only a few months left~ We won't miss it so we better be invited! ha ha E-mail me your e-mail address and we will invite you to see our blog. It's not much, but it gives you the up-date:)

The Graf Family said...

Happy birthday! Hopefully we can meet you in person before the wedding. We feel like we know you already through the blog. :)

Lacey Olsen said...

I have to say, Love the Blog....and the shirt Matt picked out for you. Nice Job!