Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to My Roots!

Although I grew up as a Cali girl (with a couple stints in Utah), I was actually born back East and lived there for my first few years while my dad was working for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street (before he decided to work for CES). I love it so much that I moved back for a semester when I was 18 and always planned on working there after graduating... until I got engaged to Matt. Funny how boys can change your plans like that :-) Anyway, once the "moving there" plan was thrown out the window, I planned on taking my mom on a trip out there once I graduated. Well, 9 months later, we finally got around to it!

We planned our visit around my aunt Janell's birthday (she lives in NJ) and had a blast! Like the good ol' days, we rode the train into the city and tried to decide what we wanted to do that day. We'd already seen/done all the big things, so it was kind of nice to have that must-do-it-all toursity pressure off and just get to enjoy our time there.

We ended up choosing...

Times Square (always something new),

Central Park (always so beautiful),

and shopping (always fun in New York!).

We happened to choose to visit on a weekend with a tropical storm and were preparing ourselves for a torrential downpour, but we lucked out and just got rain.

Once upon a time when I lived in NJ, I had tickets to see the original cast of Wicked. I ended up moving home a week before and have been kicking myself for the three years since. So naturally, when planning this trip, the #1 thing on our to-do list was to see Wicked with Janell and Sidney. In fact, we bought those tickets before booking our flights.

It was INCREDIBLE, of course.
I know I could have seen the traveling show sooner, but I'm glad I waited to see it in New York.
There's nothing quite like a show on Broadway.

With item #1 complete, it was on to #2 (okay, there were actually only two things on the list):
Amish Ice Cream!
I fell in love with it during that same semester I took off. You haven't lived until you've eaten this ice cream. So we stopped at an Amish market in Princeton...

...on our way to Philadelphia, where we walked along the historic streets, ate Philly cheesesteaks, and took a picture at Independence Hall to commemorate our visit :-).

We spent the rest of our time hanging out with Janell, John & my cute cousins and were sad to leave. All I can say is that it's a good thing the Air Force is deciding where we'll live because I'd never be able to decide between my east and west coasts.


anoyce said...

Oh Ashley! That looks SO fun! You were out there when you were a nanny right?

The Graf Family said...

Ashley!!! That looks like a BLAST! I get to live it through you. I want to see more pics. -Alisha

Sharla said...

Way to go Ashley!! I am so glad you took your mom and did all of that. I still remember my first trip to NY and it was to stay with your family when you were a baby. I think Bri and I walked from one end of the City to the other, we were so amazed!! We even got to babysit you while your mom and dad went out. I love the City!! Too many things to do and see. What great memories you are making. I think our boys were deer hunting while you were being City Girls!! What a contrast is that.

Sharla said...

p.s. You and your mom look so cute! Did you get those matching jackets on your shopping spree? So much fun!!

anoyce said...

Hey! So, in answer to your questions: a) being a project manager was great! I'm hoping to move up! b) YUP! We've still got our love sac! I will try to send you a picture of it. Let me know if you'd be interested in it then! We definitely need to get rid of it because it takes up our entire spare bedroom!

Angie said...

so much fun! you are making me way excited to live out there next summer! now i really hope it works out. you'd have to come stay with us when we're living in Manhattan and show us around! That looked like such a fun trip and i thought it was such a sweet thing to take your mom!