Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Over, Under

My younger sister Heidi is always telling me how lucky I am to get so many airport scenes because "they're so romantic." I always tell her they're actually a bit overrated. Even though the arrivals are lovely, the mere fact that we have to have them--instead of always getting to be together--makes them a little bittersweet at the same time, and you'd better believe that saying goodbye gets old fast. Then again, sometimes the romance factor does win me over... Like when I left Colorado after Conference weekend.

Matt dropped me off at the airport as usual and we said goodbye, for two weeks this time. I was cutting it close for my flight so I hurried past ticketing, down the escalators and to the other end so I could go through security. Right as I'm about to enter the TSA line, someone touched me so I turned around... and saw Matt there, breathless, with a dozen roses in his hands. They had been in the car but with my hurried goodbye he'd forgotten to give them to me... so he left his car in the passenger drop-off lane and sprinted through the airport to get my roses to me in time. Yeah, that's my fiance :-)

Meanwhile, I've come to find that, although I miss Matt on our off-weeks, the ability to stay home and relax for a weekend is most definitely underrated. Traveling so much can really wear you down, so sometimes its nice to skip out on my TSA buddies and enjoy virgin cocktails with good friends instead.

Many thanks to Josh for having a Mad Men (high society Madison Ave. in the early 60s) themed cocktail party for his birthday celebration.

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Mills Family said...

Oh I love it! I can just picture Matt running to get the roses to you just in time! I think they should make a movie out of it! Maybe that scene is already in a movie somewhere....!!! Oh, fun! Love ya, Lis