Friday, October 10, 2008

Beat by a Goat.

Last weekend was the Air Force v. Navy football game. This is a huge deal, because the winner of this game (once they beat Army) wins the Commander in Chief trophy... which is presented to them by the President of the United States in the White House on an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C.

Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The football program kicked off the weekend well as the JV team pulled out another win on Friday night!
Must be that awesome coaching those receivers are getting :-)

Saturday was a bit of a different story. I learned from the Utah game that it's a good idea to take pictures before a big game, just in case. So I present Matt, me, Anthony & his dad Randy, pre-game.

Although they are the Navy Midshipmen, for some (very) odd reason, their mascot is a goat.
A live goat. Sure strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents, don't you think?

Well, must've worked with the Falcons because they CHOKED. They lost 33-27, thanks mostly to not one but TWO blocked punts returned for touchdowns along with TWO fumbles that led to Navy points. Just makes you cringe reading that, right? Without those embarrassing mistakes, it would have been an Air Force blowout and Matt would be waltzing his way into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in just a few months. Oh well. It's times like these I'm glad I have my Cougars (although, 34-14 over Utah State? Kind of embarrassing, too).

On the bright side, however, there were some pretty sweet flyovers. First, a stealth plane that was unbelievably quiet and, well, stealthlike... and then two F-22s (the most powerful fighters in the world) that just rocked the stadium. Navy might have Top Gun, but Air Force is where the real pilots are at.

Also on the bright side: When the sight on the field was too awful to even look at, I averted my eyes to a rather attractive coach on the sidelines. Not bad, right?

After the game, Matt rushed off to the Priesthood session of General Conference (which was GREAT, because his post-game mood definitely called for a pick-me-up) and then we went out for dinner at Biaggi's...

where our friend Shawn and his super cute girlfriend Whitney met up with us :-)

Then, on Sunday, we got to enjoy an entire day of General Conference with the entire Hendricks family, Steve included! Can't beat that.


Mills Family said...

We just LOVE your life experiences!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharla said...

Tough to have a loss, but with those perks it is beyond heartbreaking! You understand the sadness of the game day loss like so many do not. Sorry Matt! But hey we can all chear for the Y. How about that home game on Saturday!!