Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Lesson

There is something so innately powerful about the pure and simple testimony of a child.
Tonight, my family watched The Testaments to celebrate the real reason for Easter, Christ's resurrection.

Immediately after the movie ended, 2-year-old Gabe stood up and sweetly announced to everyone,
"My Jesus loves me."
It was a neat moment.

Then again, I guess there's always room to learn. Gabe has been struggling lately with the concept that you can love more than one person at a time (and therefore takes turns loving Daddy, Mommy, or the favorite sibling of the moment).
When Gabe repeated the same statement a little later, we (forgetting his current love hang-up) asked him if Jesus loved Joshie, too. "No," he replied. "My Jesus loves me."


Following Him said...

So honest and sweet :)

Tobi said...

How sweet. I just found your wedding website. That's such a great idea Ash! I love all the details you included. Thanks so much for putting so much hard work into that website!!!