Thursday, May 15, 2008

Seussical the Musical

Christian's junior high did Seussical for their spring musical and it was so fun! Not only was Christian one of the Wickersham Brothers (plus the runner-up for the Cat) but my 5-year-old brother, Kaleb, was the Elephant Bird that hatches at the end. The highlights?

We all found out that Christian has an incredible voice (where is it on Sundays, hm?) and that basically all of the junior high girls are in love with him... and Kaleb totally stole the show! Seriously. They usually use a lame stuffed animal for the elephant bird because kids can't handle it, so having this adorable little kid walk out and do such a great job was a fun surprise for the audience. He most definitely had more people coming up to him afterward than any other character! And yes, he LOVED the attention.

The best part, though, was the first time we brought Josh (my little brother that just turned 3) to the play. Joshie ran up to Kaleb after and yelled, "You're the best elephant bird EVER!" He was so proud of his big brothers. So cute.

This is Christian giving Horton a bad time...

and then the Wickersham Brothers enjoying their applause:

Kaleb taking a bow with Gertrude & Horton:
The stars:
Kaleb & Joshie, who felt like dressing himself & being a cowboy that night :-)
Too fun.

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