Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Women's Conference... Plus One Boy :-)

Women's Conference was last week! It so does not feel like a year ago that my dad followed my mom and I around for two days so that she could take care of Gabe (who was 6 months old) in between sessions... but it was! This time we got to come without my dad and without any babies, which was nice :-) We met up with my aunts Lisa & Kim on Thursday...

...and then I met up with my future sisters-in-law for dinner and some shopping. So fun!

Then it was off to Colorado again on Friday. Matt is finishing up his semester so we spent a lot of time working on papers and fun things like that (we really did have fun). We took a break from the homework on Saturday night and did some shopping of our own. Matt's specialties are finding cute heels for me and cool sunglasses for him--too bad we can think of other ways to spend $135 (plane tickets, for example).

Oh, and this is us at 10 pm at night when we finally got around to eating dinner at good ol' Texas Roadhouse. We LOVE that place!

That night we rented 27 Dresses & watched it with a few other cadets. Poor boys, because even I didn't like the movie... although it did make me love my friends even more for choosing cute bridesmaid dresses.


Nate & Sarah said...

i went to women's conference too and it was really fun! too bad i didn't see you..but that would be hard with nearly 8000 women around :)

Madi said...

Hey Matt!
Of course guys come in to get primped up too! Ri made sure not to get overly girly in there so guys would wanna come in. we got your back ;)

p.s. Im goin to school with Briana Deihl right now she is a riot and we chat about your fam all the time :)

Tobi said...

Clue me in please. Why are you having the longest Mormon engagement almost ever? Where are you going to get married?? When exactly are you going to get married?? Inquisitive minds need to know!

P.S. I'm Mormon too.