Friday, May 30, 2008

Ring Dance! (Part III: Ring Christening)

The Ring Christening is definitely the highlight of the night! It's a fun tradition (as long as you like your date!). Basically, the date drops the ring into a champagne glass and that's the first time the cadet gets to see the ring. The cadet then drinks the entire glass of champagne (sparkling cider in our case, of course) with the ring and passes it to his date... with his mouth. Once the date has it in her mouth, she takes it off, puts it on his finger, and voila! The Ring Christening is complete. I don't know if anyone knows where that tradition came from but those cadets sure don't mind it!

The unveiling of the ring:
Each squad has one cadet christen their ring at a time, while everyone else watched. We were first, so the pressure was on!
Passing the ring! (This was the easy part...)
It's obviously a good time :-)
Lastly, I put the ring on Matt's finger...

... and that was it! He's officially a SENIOR!!!

...which means he & his friends get to spend the rest of the evening showing off their hard-earned rings.

Next: The last Ring Dance one! Ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, our future wedding cake...


Nate & Sarah said...

what a fun tradition! it looks like you guys had SUCH a fun time! i always love looking at your pictures.

Becky said...

Okay, this is by far one of the coolest traditions I've seen! So cool! and you look gorgeous!

Lacey Olsen said...

Sounds like great fun! And I have to say your tan skin looks awesome.

Angie said...

I'm so glad you got pictures of this, every step of the way! How cool!