Monday, June 2, 2008

Ring Dance! (Part IV: The Dance)

Really quick detour... I just have to point out that it's officially only ONE YEAR until we get married!!! We decided that we wanted to marry each other exactly one year and one day ago, so we're more than halfway there! Is it funny that a year sounds soon? Seriously, though, time has gone by so fast! We are SO excited--and more in love than ever :-) And on that happy note, back to Ring Dance at USAFA:

After dinner was over, we made a quick visit to the ever-popular ice sculpture of their class crest. The crest is revealed at the Ring Dance dinner, and a large version of it hangs in the middle of the class wall throughout their senior year. It is also the detail on one side of their class rings (the other side is a United States Air Force crest).

Following the obligatory ice sculpture pictures, we walked outside to a GORGEOUS night and meandered around the Air Gardens for awhile. The Academy is always beautiful in the twilight.
Then we made a quick pit stop at the boys' dorm rooms and took classy pictures with their mascots before heading to the dance...
... where we indulged in numerous trips to the chocolate fountains (a much-appreciated staple at all Academy balls).
Our chocolate-eating party was interrupted by the cutting of the cake with sabers. We made sure to take a picture with the cake so we could replicate it for our wedding. (Can you imagine?)
And finally, we danced the night away.
The End!


anoyce said...

Ah! I love all the chapters to your wonderful event! And congrats on only 1 year away! Hopefully it will go as fast for you as the first one did!

Angie said...

very very cute! i can see your wedding pictures now... they're going to be so cute!

Jodie said...

How fun! What great posts. Thanks for coming to hangout with us. See you soon.

Tobi said...

Where do I start? First I love your dress and tell your Mom she is super handy with a needle!

Second I love all the pictures. You guys are the cutest couple on the planet. I get such a kick out of following your story.

Third I love the whole ring tradition. How exciting to participate in such a long standing tradition and to be apart of such an important event in your finance's life. I'm so glad you shared this with everyone.