Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rodeos, Recitals & Remote contRol caRs

Utah has a lot of rodeos throughout the summer, but the best one is most definitely Strawberry Days. Why? A: it's a whopping 7-minute drive from my house, and B: strawberries and cream, of course! Back in my dating days, I'd make my dates take me to a Strawberry Days event every. single. day. so I could get my good ol' $1 cup of strawberries and cream. Now it's $1.25 a cup (pure money-making genius on their part) and tastes just as great as ever!

Going to the rodeo with my family is honestly a blast since I get to see these cute babies' reactions to everything. Exhibit A: The mutton-bustin'. They were definitely feeling for their little friends when they fell off those sheep.

Exhibit B: Totally into the calf-roping and giving my day the play-by-play.

Cute, huh? The next ones are of Gabe pointing at the cows (during the wild cow milking contest) and Kaleb getting in on the picture-taking action with my mom's cell phone.

EVERYONE loves the strawberries and cream!

Also last week was my future nieces' ballet recital. They go to Clytie Adams, which is where my best friend in 2nd grade went, so it was a little nostalgic :-) Anyway, they were such good little dancers and were so cute in their tutus!

Last but not least, Gabe's newest discovery: remote control cars. He saw Matthew's jeep and wanted to play with it, so Heidi & I grabbed the controller and decided to have a little fun. We would move the jeep just a couple inches when Gabe wasn't touching it and he was so confused! He kept looking under and all around it to try to figure out what was going wrong and then finally asked it, "Car, are you okay?" Adorable.


Matt Jordan Tenesey said...

Thanks for leaving the measurements! I love it now. Cute photos by the way on this last post. Where are you two going to live once you get married?

anoyce said...

Oh my goodness! That is so cute...ALL of it! Can I just say that you are going to win my vote for all-time cutest mom someday??

Tobi said...

Love the tutu's and all the cute pictures of your family.

How did you get change your blog to say fun thoughts instead of comments?

Matt & Chalyn Reed said...

Hi Ashley,
I saw that my mom has your parents on her blog and so I went to it and found yours. I haven't seen you sense we were real little but I use to come stay my your grandparents (my uncle gary's) house when you would visit them. We would play nintendo for hours. But that is all I really remember. It's been awhile. Here is my blog

(your cousin) Chalyn