Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend in Breck!

We definitely loved Breckenridge. The girls stayed in a condo, the boys stayed in an apartment, and we all had a blast together! The only bad thing was the broken hot water heater in the condo the first night--after spending the day in a river, we all had to take FREEZING cold showers! But it was worth it to be clean, and the water heater was fixed the next day (thank goodness). Good times.

After our lovely showers, we went out to dinner at a yummy steakhouse...
And convinced the boys to serenade us that night :-)
The condo's backyard was BEAUTIFUL.
So was the sunset:
We went on a nice little walk around the town (love it more than Park City's Main Street)...
And then played a fun game of croquet at a field that we found. With game faces like these, you'd think we'd be good.
We weren't. But we made up for it by winning the dice game that night!
And the boys totally schooled the girls in the dance-off that night--they were HILARIOUS.
The dance-off kept us up pretty late, so it wasn't very much fun waking up the next morning to go home. This is how Matt felt about it:
He's so cute, even when he's cranky (& wearing AC DC shirts).

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Tacy said...

Hey Ashley-
It's been forever! Your blog is so cute! I can't believe you have till wait till next June to get married. You're tough! Well just wanted to say hi...!!