Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baseball & Buffaloes

You may not know this, but it is a requirement to go to at least one baseball game every summer (and hopefully more! I was working for the Bees last summer so I went to like 50. It was great). So, naturally, Matt and I went straight from the airport to the Rockies vs. Mets game. The atmosphere at those games really makes me miss working in sports... Anyway, the Mets killed the Rockies but it was still a lot of fun!
Matt had to move his dorm room on Saturday so we spent some time doing that before heading to Ted's, which is my ultimate obsession in Colorado Springs. Why? They have the most incredible bison (buffalo) burgers. Gotta love 'em. I used to make Matt take me like twice a month but then he got a little sick of it, so we took a break for awhile... which made me even more excited to eat there this time!
That (above) would be Ted's. And this (below) would be us in our booth at Ted's. See how happy we are to be eating there? K, me more than Matt but still...
That night, we just hung out at Anthony's with all of Matt's best friends. This is the 2nd to last time they'll all get to be together until January because Mike (the one on the right) is spending fall semester in Spain. We'll miss him!


Jenny Mitchell said...

Ashley this is jenny i found your blog. You guys look really cute togther hope everything is well!

Angie said...

fun post as always ash! you never let me down. i'm excited for our cousin date!