Saturday, June 14, 2008

Made-up Holidays

...are always fun! I'm always up for a good party and jump at the chance to celebrate, well, anything. So, naturally, we celebrated our pre-anniversary last weekend. For those of you who were lucky enough to be engaged for just a few months, a pre-anniversary is the completely made-up holiday in which you commemorate the one-year mark until your wedding day.

We decided that the best way to celebrate getting married in the Temple would be going to the Temple. Luckily for us, Matt's ward already had an appointment for baptisms (it's really hard to get into) just a couple hours after my plane got in on Friday.

After the Temple, we went to Cheesecake Factory. It amazes me every time how much food they give you! I always have to box half of it before I even start... but that makes me finish before Matt, leaving me with nothing to do except take pictures of him eating (while he asks me if I really need to take a picture of him eating). See? Our great waiter solved the problem by taking a picture of both of us once our cheesecakes came. I tried the tuxedo one this time--instant favorite. Matt got the banana cream one, which was good, but I think I'd still prefer that as a pie.
And to top off the fun, we went shopping in Castle Rock on Saturday (that would be the picture below) and to the Pann's for dinner on Sunday. Brother & Sister Pann are Matt's sponsors and they're awesome, in case anyone was wondering. I was supposed to fly home Sunday night but my flight was delayed 4 million hours thanks to flooding in the midwest, so Southwest switched my reservation to Monday night, giving us a whole extra day together. Not bad.


T. F. said...

you guys are the cutest engaged couple ever. And I love the made-up holiday idea-- great job ash, I might have to start coming up with stuff like that ... currently we are both long-distance gals-- any advice my experience friend? :)

Jeff & CharLee said...

Hey Ashley! Its CharLee! I'm glad that you found my blog! Congrats on getting engaged...thats exciting!!! I hope everything is going good for you! I'm glad that you have a blog so we can keep in touch! Talk to you soon!