Wednesday, June 4, 2008

White Water Rafting

Okay, so this was technically part of Ring Dance weekend, but we're all sick of the Ring Dance titles, are we not? And honestly, white water rafting deserves a post all its own. It was SUCH a blast! We were a little/lot worried because it was supposed to be raining hard and freezing cold, but we really lucked out with the weather (partly cloudy and only semi-cold...which is alright when you're having so much fun!).

First, we decided that it's important to act tough when you get your gear or else it just seems silly to have those big, strong men looking like they're wearing dance pants.
But then it's all smiles when you get to the river and see how beautiful it is!
We bought a waterproof disposable camera to take with us on the raft so we could get some great action shots. We soon found out, however, that you can only take pictures while it's calm, since you're busy trying to stay in the raft when it's, well, not calm.
Like this.
We did get a few action shots, though:
And in case you're wondering why we're making such intense faces in this next picture--
It's because this was straight ahead!
Talk about an adrenaline rush! Highly recommended, kids.

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Matt and Jordan said...

Matt, your pictures with your fiance are darling! Congrats on the engagement last time we saw you two was when at your parents church.. cute girl! P.S Can I say your mom is great (Primary together)!