Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flash Forward

We got a fun glimpse into our future this weekend as we babysat the Hendricks kids! Nothing like getting to tell Matt that it is his turn to change a diaper while I make dinner and keep an eye on the other kids :-) Actually, we've already established our future diaper duties--me during the day, Matt at night. It's only fair, right?
Wish me luck with that game plan.

Anyway. The other babysitter came over during the day on Saturday so I could go to Air Force's Blue & Silver scrimmage. Thanks to two bum hamstrings and tendon damage in his wrist, Matt is sidelined for the season. He joined the coaching staff, though, and is loving it! Since he's a coach, I got to go to the team luncheon in the press box afterward. It's always fun/interesting doing team stuff with Air Force after spending years doing it with BYU's football program. We sat with some of Matt's receivers (he coaches the JV receivers & helps run the scout team) and had a blast!

Although, I felt a little out of place being the only girl in a room of 150 boys :-)
After lunch, we took a quick nap before heading back to the kids. I made a delicious Stouffers dinner (I told you it was a glimpse of our future!) and we played in the backyard. Matt & Preston, of course, got to play football...
...while I assumed swing pushing duties. Currently, that's one of my 5 major functions in life:
work, eat, sleep, run, and push my baby brothers on the swings. Why should Colorado be any different?
(PS--I'm definitely adding my future daughters to Mason's waiting list. Hey, it worked for me and Matt...)

Once dinner had settled, we headed over to Maggie Moo's for dessert. It started out innocently enough. But then the kids and their bright blue cotton candy ice cream started looking like this:

So we went with it :-)

Good thing baths were already the next thing on the agenda!


Angie said...

How fun! Your posts make me chuckle. :) I liked Matt's Calle shirt (represent! woot woot!) and the blue ice cream faces! So cute!

Matt Jordan Tenesey said...

Cute, I bet you can't wait for kids! I can't wait for times like that they are memorable*