Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing July already...

We spent Pioneer Day with Matt's family up in Bear Lake and came back home for the legendary Cedar Hills fireworks that weekend. The weekend before, though, we ate lunch at the Lion House Pantry with both of our parents so we could check out our wedding dinner location... which we booked! That means we officially have all the big items done for the wedding, 10 months in advance. Love it. Despite rain earlier that week, we lucked out and enjoyed beautiful weather on the lake.
We whipped out Bocce for a few games in the sand. Matt and I were undefeated--thanks to Matt.
Please excuse the following interruption from regular blogging...
Missing: my most favorite sunglasses in the history of the world (pictured below).
Last seen on the boat while I was on the tube.
They are about 200 yards off of this beach.
Efforts to find a suitable replacement have been fruitless.
Reward for their safe return!
Now, back to the blog...
Matt had never been on a
jet ski (?!) so we felt the need to rent one. We had SO much fun!
Now he's on board with its position as #1 on our wish list of future toys.

That night, Matt won the rather intense gummi bear guessing game. He guessed 816 & there were 808. Good thing this wasn't Price is Right... Also a good thing that all the nieces and nephews ate his spoils instead of me.
Pretty view of the lake from the condo's back porch on our last night...
Then back to my babies (okay, they're my mom's babies) in Cedar Hills.

Despite what you see in this picture, Gabe really enjoyed the fireworks :-)

As you can probably tell, the boys L-O-V-E Matt and want to be with him every second that he's around.

They were pretty bummed when he had to go back to "codowado."
Me too.

Can't wait until next July when we won't have to say goodbye!


anoyce said...

Oh! So fun! How exciting to be getting all the big things out of the way for the wedding!

And, OH! How I love Bear Lake! We went earlier this month and it was my first time on a Jet Ski also...SOO fun! I loved it!

Mills Family said...

llsAsh! I love all the pics! You and Matt are really sooooo cute! I bet that was fun to eat dinner with both of your parents at the Lion House...tht is a pretty neat place. sounds like you guys are doing really good with all the wedding plans! I'll check in again soon. Love, Lis

Mills Family said...

oops, sorry Ash, i didn't see that i messed up in typing in your name above. Later.

Ryan and Donna said...

Ash, I love your comments....Too Funny! On behalf of my family, please accept my condolences for the lost sunglasses. You two truly are having the BEST engagment ever! Your marriage is getting closer...