Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Matt Goes to School, Ash Goes to Brian Regan

For some reason, I think I got the better end of the deal! USAFA decides to make their semesters about a month longer than everyone else, so they jumped right in on August 7th. This is actually quite exciting for me because it means new freshmen to be entertained by. I'm not sure Matt feels the same way, though...

If you look closely, all of those little dots are cadets coming back from lunch. Can you find Matt? :-)
Okay, he was actually right behind me... But I made sure I got a picture of his last 1st day of school. He is such a good sport.
I brought our buddy Preston to watch Air Force's football practice that Friday and Matt stayed late to play catch with him on the field. I love that second picture of them together! So sweet.

(In case you were wondering what that black thing around Matt's calf is, it was holding the ice around his injured hamstring & just slipped down.)

All of the seniors in Matt's squadron had their annual dining out at PF Changs that Saturday & I got to tag along. Here's Anthony, Matt & me enjoying the Chinese cuisine. (Our FAVORITE food, right Matt?)

Bulldawgs, Class of '09
And our obligatory picture by the horse:
After dinner, we finally made it to The Dark Knight. Great acting & cinematography but, well, dark.
On Sunday, there was a full rainbow after dinner at the Nichols' and Anthony, of all people, decided that we needed to take a picture with it. Probably just so Matt could make the squinty face below:
Then it was back to Utah for my off-weekend. Usually those are pretty boring, but this one was definitely not--my uncle Brian & aunt Sharla gave me their extra Brian Regan tickets! Christian & I had fun with Kyle & Michelle:
Sometimes we think it's fun to wear matching t-shirts. Oh, and
Brian Regan is hilarious.

The best part of the night? His impromtu act about football.
Or maybe the part about a model prisoner. No reason.


anoyce said...

Oh man! I LOVE Brian Regan! He is my all time favorite! There was a time in my life when my sister-in-law, Steph and I found a reference to Brian Regan in ALL life situations! How fun!

P.S. I LOVE your rainbow picture! It's perfect!

Mills Family said...

We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Brian Regan! Glad you got to go and enjoy him...he's sooooo funny! Great post. You are having a ball! Jay and Lis

Jodie said...

Preston loved going to practice, thank you for taking him and for taking such good care of my little ones this weekend! You guys are awesome. We'll see you Thursday!

Cassidy and AE Harris said...

ok we were there!! Why did I not see you DANG IT!