Friday, August 22, 2008

Here we go!

I'm used to flying a few times a month, but we're about to enter uncharted territory.
A glimpse of my calendar for the next 9 weekends:
Colorado, Colorado, Colorado, Anaheim, Colorado, New York, Colorado, home/Colorado, Colorado.

Keep in mind that every time I fly, I have to work overtime Monday-Thursday so I can catch my plane on Friday.

I'll try to fit breathing into my schedule.


Ryan and Donna said...

Keep it up Ash....I'm lovin' the cool adventures each week that you write about on this blog! I can't wait to log on each Monday and read of your experiences over the previous weekend. Forget working overtime, you could earn extra cash by working as one of the stewardesses on that weekly flight to Colorado. Heck, you could just pilot the dang plane as you are all too familiar with the flight path from SLC to DIA!

Mills Family said...

Ash, that plane picture is really cool. Anyway, you are always going to remember this crazy hectic schedule. One day when you are old and married you will wonder how you ever had energy to do all that...then you will be logging on to your nieces blog to re-live the hectic schedule that only beginners LOVE can put you through!

Angie said...

I just have to say I am AMAZED that you ran a marathon. By the end of the half I was so done! I can't believe anyone could do double that! So way to go.