Wednesday, February 18, 2009

California, Here We Come!!!

Well, the results are in and we’re excited, to say the least! We didn’t get our #1-Los Angeles or #3-Boston (props to those who know me so well!), but we got a pretty decent runner-up: Edwards Air Force Base—an hour and a half outside of L.A.

Apparently, we'll get to enjoy goreous sunrises and sunsets (in my case, sunsets...), as well as the occasional space shuttle landing.

Full disclosure: Back in August, when we were making our list, I only half-jokingly told Matt that if he gets Edwards, I’m not coming. When Jodie picked me up from the airport on Friday (since Matt was racing), I told her I’d be happy with anywhere on our list-just as long as it wasn’t Edwards. And then, when we opened up our base assignment and saw Edwards, I almost expected them to be kidding. For those of you who aren’t aware, Edwards is the one in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

Thankfully, there’s WAY more to Edwards than meets the eye (literally). Turns out, Matt’s job will be pretty amazing there. Edwards is in the middle of the desert because they need all that space to test their new toys (it’s where they first debuted the F-22s and other cool things like that). As an engineer, Matt gets to work with that. According to a few high-ranking officers we’ve talked to since we got the news, his time spent working at Edwards will do incredible things for Matt's career in the future—both in the Air Force and out. Not bad.

Meanwhile, we’re actually loving the location. Obviously we would have preferred the big cities but besides those two, the rest of the locations on our list were also at least an hour away from the next major city. And if you’re going to live 90 miles from a big city, it might as well be Los Angeles! Within a two-hour drive we’ll have: a temple, the beach, Disneyland, Six Flags, plenty of college and pro sports, Broadway plays, and all sorts of shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Plus, some of our closest family friends are in Bakersfield, which means if I need a mom Tamara is just 80 minutes away. Oh, and home? A quick 8.5 hour drive, with my extended family three hours closer than that. And let’s not forget my most favorite thing since we’re in the middle of winter—the weather! According to the monthly averages, it's really similar to Sacramento's. Year-round marathon training, thank goodness.

We’ve now officially learned the whole “Needs of the Air Force come first” thing first-hand. The majority of guys with Matt’s specific job ended up at either Eglin AFB in Florida (two hours outside of Mobile, Alabama) or Wright Patterson in Ohio (an hour between Columbus and Cincinnati). So, we actually feel pretty darn lucky to be heading where we are. And while I'm sure there will be times when I just sit at home and wonder how we got there, at the end of the day it's comforting that the Lord knows what He's doing.

And let’s be honest: after spending 2 ½ years apart by the time our wedding rolls around, we’re happy to be living anywhere as long as we’re together :-)

The fact that I get to move back to California with my Matt is just icing on the cake.

Many adventures sure to come.

PS-Remember those track pictures I talked about? And Valentine's Day? And the infamous 100's Night festivities? I'll be home in Utah this weekend so I plan on actually getting caught up in life, including one months worth of laundry, wedding plans, taxes, and this blog. Stay tuned :-)


Tobi said...

Hurray for Cali! I'm glad you guys know where you'll be living after the wedding. SUPER!

I remember when my husband got his orders to Texas. I was like Fort Hood? Where is that!??

I hope you blog more about some of your wedding plans. I would love to hear more about invitations, bridal showers, bridesmaid dresses and all that fun wedding stuff!!

Angie said...

My mom always says that many times she and my dad were dragged kicking and screaming into the best situation possible for them. You are right, the Lord knows what he's doing for sure! And this will be a great place for you two. I'm, excited for you and glad you finally know. Isn't it nice to know? I'm still waiting for that. :) Anyway if my mom doesn't read the comments first I wouldn't be surprised if she drops you the same quote I've heard many times.

Nate & Sarah said...

wow sounds exciting! being close to LA sounds wonderful!! there is so much to do all over cali. and you're right, it doesn't matter where you are at when you are newlyweds :)

Aimee Fuller said...

Hey! I'm Aimee (Christensen) Fuller and grew up across the street from Matt. It's great to see how he's doing and I'm glad things are going well with the upcoming wedding. CONGRATS!

Sharla said...

California here you come! I read Angies quote from me and yes it is a favorite. Maybe because we have had so many moves. I am sure my last post to you said something like Angies comment. I think we had 10 moves the first 8 or 9 years of our marriage. Maybe that is why Kyle is such a friendly and adaptable guy. He had to go thru almost every one of those moves. He attended 4 different elementary schools! Wew!! Anyway, that is great news and now you can start the big plans. Everyone is moving.... Change is good, Right?

Sharla said...
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Seven Grafs said...

Curt and I have always wanted to see a shuttle launch, but a shuttle landing would be the next best thing. You'll have to record one and put it on the blog. I'm glad to get to move somewhere warm and somewhat close to home.

anoyce said...

Congrats! I'm sure you'll find tons of fun things to do there...even if you are in the middle of nowhere! That sounds wonderful! And goodness, I would LOVE to live in a place with year-round perfect weather! Whoo hoo! When will you be moving there? Right after the wedding?

Jodie said...

You guys are going to do AWESOME no matter where you go. You are such a dynamic duo, you will leave many footprints wherever you are! Are you here this weekend? Hope you had a good weekend catching up!