Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100's Night!

Hundredths night (aka 100's night for all of us to lazy to pronounce the "th") is one of the most anticipated traditions at the Academy. 100 nights before graduation, the seniors all go to a big dinner where they are given their first assignments. Then they take off for the weekend while the freshmen "decorate" their rooms. Supposedly, the more they like the senior, the more they'll mess up their rooms--& if they really hate the senior, they'll clean his room to white-glove perfection. A little backwards, but it's sure fun! Since there was a track meet on 100's night, the track team held their own dinner for all the seniors & Coach was nice enough to let me come. So while we were chowing down on pizza & celebrating our new assignment...

...the freshmen in Matt's squad were busy making his room into this masterpiece that we found on Monday:

Those cups strung along the rubber bands were all full of FLOUR.

You can't see it in the picture above, but blocking the doorway was rows upon rows of paper cups filled with water... and stapled together so we couldn't pick them up. The "0" and "9" in the middle of the room were also stapled. Nice.

Cleaning it up was actually quite entertaining--it felt kind of like one of those spy movies where you have to be careful not to set off an alarm (except our nemesis was millions of tiny cups of flour that might spill all over us and we were cleaning, not saving the world... but close enough).

The best part, though, had to be the annoying music playing on Anthony's radio on the OTHER side of the room.

Those freshmen put in some serious effort! I think it's safe to say these seniors are well-liked.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, not only do we have less than 100 days till Matt's graduation but we also have less than 100 days till our wedding!!! It feels like it was just barely 384 days. Or 731 days. Time sure flies.


Angie said...

I really like all the awesome traditions you've highlighted from the Academy. What a cool thing to be a part of. That was the most intricate mess I've ever seen.

Following Him said...

What a cool tradition. Glad coach let you come nice! I have to admit that I giggled a little as I saw his room :)

Tobi said...

What a mess! I almost wish wasn't such a likable guy. Almost. =)

Lacey and Tyler said...

Odd..but I kinda wish I was there to help clean up!

Ryan and Donna said...

Great post! I would like to know how long it took those freshman to decorate the room. Very cool. You two have had the most exciting engagement! Too much fun. Its been fun to join you on the ride.

anoyce said...

Wow! There sure have some fun traditions at his school! How hilarious! And CONGRATS to being less than 100 days to your wedding! Whoo hoo!