Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess where we're moving!

No, really--guess!

Matt & I don't find out until Friday night and (as a planner who at age 14 had her life mapped out through age 20) the wait has been driving me CRAZY! So I figured we all might as well have a little fun with it :-)

We submitted a list last August with the top 8 bases we’d like to move to ranked in order of preference. When Matt did this with his job, he got his #1 pick so we’re pretty hopeful we’ll at least get one of our top 3. Although we’re happy to go anywhere as long as we’re finally together (and we want to eventually live in a few of these places), we're crossing our fingers that we get to go to our #1 or #3 pick pick this time around (#2 got its ranking for the job description). Technically, though, the Air Force could send us wherever they want –on our list or off—so this is way up in the air!

So… back to the little game. Feel free to make two guesses (and say why!): 1- What our #1 & #3 are (let’s see how well you know us!) and 2- Where the Air Force will actually send us.

In no particular order...

A: Georgia
We'd be smack dab in the middle of Atlanta and Savannah.

B: Los Angeles
Matt would work downtown and we'd live in the base housing, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

C: Florida
We actually have 3 different Florida bases on our list, giving us a 37.5% chance of moving there.
When we made the list, this is what I had in mind...

Now I'm thinking more along these lines...

Yes, that is an ALLIGATOR on the doorstep. Anyway.
D. Boston
We'd live just outside the historic and very expensive city.

E: Vandenberg
In between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, Matt (the engineer) would be involved in the west coast shuttle launches.

F: Other
Colorado Springs, Utah, New Mexico, Middle of the Mojave Desert...

Results coming SOON!!!


Angie said...

I'll bet your top are LA and Boston. I hope they send you either place. But if we go to NYC you should go to Boston and we'd at least be within a few hours! :)

Seven Grafs said...

I vote for Boston and Georgia. Boston because Curt and I were there a few years ago and had a blast. I love the history, and I felt safe going around by myself when Curt was in his meetings. I think Georgia because the picture of the peach looks good (how's that for logic?) But it looks like you have the best odds of being sent to Florida--go Gators!

Nate & Sarah said...

o i think florida. i used to live there and it is beautiful so i hope you get to go and be close to amazing beaches and the warmth :)

Sharla said...

I am going to guess that your #1 choice is Cali. You have always been a Cali girl at heart, and especially since living there. Lets see....Maybe Florida as #3. I don't feel as confident in picking that one. I am quessing you will end up in California. Anywhere you land will be the right place, I firmly believe that. You will be where you are supposed to be. We have gone kicking and screaming into the very best place for our family at the time. It all works out!

blair said...

they are all pretty amazing options!!!! how exciting!

Following Him said...

Waiting anxiously to know :)

Angie said...

so... the day has come and gone... where are you going?! you better post soon!

anoyce said...

1. LA - the beach is close (without hurricane weather) - I have been CRAVING the beach lately!
2. Boston - the history would be fantastic to learn about!
3. Georgia - I love the pictures you have up of GA. It looks MARVELOUS!

Can't wait to find out where you'll be headed! How exciting!