Saturday, February 7, 2009

A few snippets...

...from January:
  • Matt and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary! We had big plans for that night, but after long flights and layovers, decided to scrap the date plans in favor of watching football in our sweats. Perfect.
01.01.07 ........................ 01.01.08 ........................ 01.01.09

  • Once upon a time, Matt and I went ice skating at the Gallivan Center on our second date. That's when sparks really flew, so it was fun to reminisce when we went back a few weeks ago.

  • We all enjoyed the last few days of April & Alex's visit. One event on our list was the big debut (for them) of the famed "Off Road Jam" & "Mission: Colorado" -- movies made by Christian, starring the babies.

  • My fam also spent an afternoon bowling--again, always a treat with the babies.

  • Now that it's *finally* 2009, it's actually time to focus on some wedding planning. Matt came home over Martin Luther King weekend and we checked another big item off our list--his wedding ring. We finally found the perfect one AND got a HUGE military discount on it (hence the excitement).

  • Matt gave Disney Scrabble to Kaleb for Christmas, but Kaleb refused to play it without Matt. Needless to say, he was pretty excited when Matt came to town and he could whip it out.

  • We (well, Matt, but we) got a new nephew! Baby Samuel, Dave & Monica's 7th. That makes 20 (soon-to-be 21!) adorable nieces and nephews that I'll get to officially call mine in--get this--less than 4 months. Can't wait :-)

  • I scored a cheap flight to Sacramento so I could visit my "little sister" Jena for her 18th birthday. It was SO good to be back in NorCal, spending time with the Eppersons. I used to babysit Jena & Ben back in the day, love their parents, and basically like to think of myself as a part of their family (I'm sure you can see the resemblance...). A few highlights were shopping at my old favorite mall (Roseville Galleria, anyone?), going out for some delicious sushi, grabbing In-N-Out and playing plenty of Crazy 8's and Egyptian War with Jen. Just like the good ol' days.

  • And... one of the most exciting bits of news--
    Matt started sprinting for Air Force Academy's track team in Jan. & is already tearing it up!
    Pictures and THAT update coming soon :-)


Mills Family said...

Oh, I loved it all!...the whole post! What fun!..and lots of things going on too!

Sharla said...

You two look way too natural holding babies, so we can see what is in your future. Way to go Dave and Monica! Loved the pics! We can sure keep up with one another with this blogging together. We got your save the date and it is on the fridge!

anoyce said...

NICE! I love it - ALL of it! You guys are so great! Nice job on getting a killer deal on Matt's ring!! Whoo hoo! Does it finally feel like the wedding is almost here after all this time? I'm so excited for you two!

Following Him said...

LOVED the entire post, esp with Matt and the baby...Ash...your important too though :) Can't wait your day is ALMOST here...a few more months is only it! Can't wait for track picts!