Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guess who came to Joshie's birthday party?

Cosmo & I are good friends so he did me the hugest favor and came over to celebrate my little brother Josh's 3rd birthday. This is how Joshie felt about it:

All of the little neighborhood kids & cousins came over in their blue to celebrate--super cute! Little Alice even had a little BYU cheerleader costume. It was so fun! We took pictures of all the kids with Cosmo in front of "Y Mountain." (And yes, we most definitely played "pin the Y on the mountain.")

He even brought the Cosmobile!

One final hug... I wish I had a picture of just Gabey Baby and Cosmo (without all the kids)--he LOVES "Mahmo" and has been carrying around pictures of Cosmo ever since the party.

Oh, and in case you were worried about my domesticity (you know, the whole "100%" thing), check out these footballs! Oreo cheesecake truffles, thank you very much.

SOME of that domesticity HAS to transfer over to cleaning... right?


Ginger said...

Hey Matt! And Ashlee! You don't know me Ashlee (sorry if I am spelling your name wrong) but I went to high school with your fiance. We were pretty good friends back in the day. Congrats on getting engaged! My husband and I have a blog if you ever feel like checking it out it's You two make a really cute couple:)

Anonymous said...

Very cute footballs. That was very nice of you! :) I especially liked the pin the Y on the mountain part.

I put up some new posts. I think you'll like my golf post. Oh, and is that a 'blue steel' face?

Love you sis!

Angie said...

you have connections, ash! That is impressive. As are the little footballs.