Monday, April 21, 2008

Must Be Spring--Golf and a BBQ!

We had beautiful 70+ degree weather in Colorado Springs this past weekend, so Matt & I decided to take advantage of it! I'm a pretty good mini-golfer but have never been real golfing, so Matt began his quest to turn me into a golfer by spending an afternoon at the Academy's driving range. As you can see, he takes it pretty seriously:

Meanwhile, I just kept laughing/trying not to laugh so our driving range neighbors wouldn't hate me.

Needless to say, we have a LONG way to go before I'm ready to actually try the real deal... but we still had a blast! And Matt is still laughing at my golf swing.

After our little golfing adventure, we headed over to Jodie & Steve's. We had a delicious BBQ and loved just talking to Jodie & playing with their cute kids all night (keeping them up way past their bedtimes, oops!). The girls played outside, jumped on the tramp and worked on this fruit pizza......while the boys tossed a football, shot some hoops and flexed their muscles......and we all hung out together, of course! It was seriously the most fun we've had in the Springs this year! Thanks Jodie (and Preston, Taylor & Mason) for having us over!!! See you soon :-)


Nate & Sarah said...

i proud of you for learning to golf! nate and i went driving one time and it was a funny experience watching me try to hit the ball hard :) i'm glad you had a wonderful weekend!

Gene and Susie said...

It's always fun at the Hendricks' home. Glad you enjoyed your time polaying with the kiddies.

Jodie said...

We had a great time, thank you for coming to visit! Enjoy your graduation and enjoy your weekend without having to get on a plane.